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Open info link from images to file page in the app
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By pressing the i when viewing an image, I'm redirected to Safari's mobile web. That's not needed, we can display image description pages in the app.

iPhone 6S (iOS 9.2.1) - Build 686

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To test:

  1. Open any article with images
  2. Tap on an image
  3. Tap on the "i" icon in the lower right corner
  4. Verify that the info page opens within the app instead of taking the user to safari.

I'm trying out testing.

On an iPhone 6s with iOS 9.3.2 and build 893, I am able to open an article by pressing it on the explore tab, then pressing the image at the top, and then press the i-icon. It opened the Commons-page in a Safari extention-window.

When on the "Commons-page" I could use the search field at Commons. When doing so, I searched for en:Foo and it brought me to the desktop version of the article. When scrolling down the article and pressing "Mobile view", the app flickered for a second and the article opened in the app, closing the Safai-extention-window and taking me away for the article and image I originally was on. Pressing "Back" at the top brought me back to the article with the image.

Following the testing criterias, this seems to be working.