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Move setting "Email on watchlist changed" from tab "User profile" → "Notification"
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The check-box for "Email me when a page or a file on my watchlist is changed" is an relic on the "User profile" tab and should be definitely placed under (later added) "Notification" now.

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Hi. There is a problem with this feature request, because the "Notifications" tab is added by the optional extension Echo, and might not be there in all MediaWiki installations.
However, there are longer-term ideas (tentative plans) to merge Echo into Core. At that point, we will implement a change like this.
There isn't a specific task about merging Echo into Core, but there are other tasks similar to this one, at:

@Devirk I'm going to unassign you from this, and remove the easy tag, and merge this into the other task. Thanks for the good ideas and interest, though!