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PDF-preview is missing (Error creating thumbnail: can't process font stream)
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Error generating thumbnail

Error creating thumbnail: **** Warning: can't process font stream, loading font by the name.
**** Error reading a content stream. The page may be incomplete.
**** File did not complete the page properly and may be damaged.

**** This file had errors that were repaired or ignored.
**** The file was produced by: 
**** >>>> Adobe Acrobat Pro 11.0.11 Paper Capture Plug-in <<<<
**** Please notify the author of the software that produced this
**** file that it does not conform to Adobe's published PDF
**** specification.

convert.im6: no decode delegate for this image format `/tmp/magick-lwtxi2s9' @ error/constitute.c/ReadImage/544.
convert.im6: no images defined `/tmp/transform_765f0409f666-1.jpg' @ error/convert.c/ConvertImageCommand/3044.

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The two links provided in the task summary work nowadays (maybe because of switching the backend to Thumbor), hence closing task as resolved.