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allow to specify limits and and action to prevent overwork, including statistics
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as a user i would love to restrict myself to not overcommit myself beeing a volunteer. just brainsorming, inspired by sarah mentioned in the links below: i would love to specify a time or number limit for editing, reading, and writing mails. if reached there is an action, like a warning on top of the page. if i write too many mails without editing the mailing system sends me a notification i should consider to write less emails end edit more.


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Restricted Application added subscribers: StudiesWorld, Aklapper. · View Herald TranscriptFeb 28 2016, 1:22 PM

from sarahs mail ...

here was a discussion on Wikimedia-l recently about addiction to editing. Someone directed me to, which contains an idea from Tristan Harris, a former Google engineer (who suggested it in general, not in relation to Wikimedia). I'm wondering where best to ask the WMF to develop this.

The idea is for opt-in software that asks editors, when they log into a Wikimedia site, how much time they want to spend on it. Several options would appear:

  • the number of hours they want to spend; they would be alerted when that time was up;
  • in addition they could opt to be automatically logged out after that period;
  • they could also opt to be unable to log in again for X hours.
poupou added a subscriber: poupou.Feb 28 2016, 1:39 PM

I had a similar thought recently, when I saw that one single admin on German Wikipedia was responsible for more than 10% of admin actions within a month or so. I believe that especially admins are in danger of burn out because the tasks may seem never-ending.

Therefore I think it could be a good idea to have such an option of self-limitation also for admin actions, such as:

*number of admin actions an admin wants to complete in X days, alert or log out once this limit was reached.

Aklapper triaged this task as Lowest priority.Feb 28 2016, 4:11 PM

Well its certainly possible to do this for MediaWiki, email is an external system that we don't really control.

brion added a subscriber: brion.Feb 28 2016, 9:48 PM

bawolff, the list server runs on a wikimedia server, and the stats page as well:

as an idea by itself, the stats page could be linked into my profile, as well as subscribing mailing lists. also a link to phabricator tasks, also to gerrit commits. and a link to trials like the software which was proposed as add on to mailing lists ... i cannot find the link at the moment. and a search like intellij or eclipse settings search to find all the settings, features and links.

but now it got so big that this would need to be split up in i do not know how many stories or so :) which leaves me wondering what you in general do to get stories out of phabricator entries *banging head*

Oh thats true - i was thinking you meant all email not just lists.

Of course the two systems arent that well integrated, but in theory its possible.

Oh thats true - i was thinking you meant all email not just lists.

Of course the two systems arent that well integrated, but in theory its possible.