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"pipe trick" links don't work
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Author: eep

If I have a [[Wikipedia:test|]] link inside <ref></ref> tags, the link won't render correctly and the wiki markup will remain just as I typed it, However, if I remove the pipe (|), the link renders fine as <a href="">test</a> (test HTML link--hope it works). This can be annoying for interwiki linking (as I do on where I link extensively to Wikipedia but I had to change all the links inside ref tags that used this pipe trick).

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eep wrote:

OK, not being able to edit posts is REALLY annoying... The <a href> link should be a normal link without all that code...

Looks like bug 2700 -- this is a general issue with how certain things are handled in wikitext in combination with extensions. I'll go ahead and dupe this bug to it so it doesn't get separated.

  • This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 2700 ***