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MediaWiki:Ipadressorusername renders incorrectly non-breaking space
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Author: le.korrigan

When a space is set between the text and the colon in [[MediaWiki:Ipadressorusername]] (used in [[Special:Contributions]], as needed in French typography, the non-breaking space which is automatically added is rendered incorrectly.

See for an example where this message is set with a space between the text and the colon : the "nbsp;" appears in letters and is not rendered.

Version: 1.11.x
Severity: minor



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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Low.Nov 21 2014, 9:48 PM
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robchur wrote:

This is happening because the message is passed through Xml::label() (and thus Xml::element(), where it will be escaped).

Note: This is happening in Special:Blockip and Special:Ipblocklist, rather than Special:Contributions, but the general problem will affect most messages used as labels. Not sure what the best way to handle this is.

Rémi Kaupp or Rob Church, can you still reproduce this?

Not seeing it on either frwiki or htwiki since the latest version