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Bug in a java script : keyword or instructions does not work anymore
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Author: grimlockfr

I use a script which is called LiveRC in order to patrol those changes.
In this script, ( - which can be found for other users and and several wikis of the foundation), there is a part called LiveDiff which does not work anymore for two or three days, (the original view can be seen here The toolbar for this specific part of the script give now a toolbar in which we can see some part of code and of history.
I did not change anything in the script in any wiki, and the specific monobook.js and monobook.css on fr.wikipedia were not modified during those two or three days.
Any one can use the script to work on fr by adding the following line to his monobook.js :
and then going to :
As the misworking is on several wikis, I think it's due to a change in mediawiki software.

Version: 1.12.x
Severity: minor



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When on firefox, you can easily check Error Console (under Tools menu) to see if an error message is droped when trying to use the LiveDiff feature. It is possible that no error message is reported though, may be because the relevant section of the code is inside try..catch, which needs deeper look into the code. While I (and probably others) may try to have a look at the code, it is a good idea to ask people on En and Fr wikipedia who have the experience of developing JS tools, to see if they have figured it out already.