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OggHandler Safari support
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Author: gmaxwell

We're currently sending a "<object type='application/ogg'" style tag for QT mode and it doesn't work for Mac users. However, "<embed type='application/ogg'" works. is a working example.

It also aparently works with the object tag but only if src is set to the actual file, as in

I'd submit a patch but I can't test QT windows easily and I'm not sure what will also work with QT on windows.

Version: unspecified
Severity: normal
Platform: Macintosh



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gmaxwell wrote:

Some more detail, I'm specifically concerned with Safari. It should be possible to reproduce this issue with Safari on Windows.

XiphQT is the only plugin that *is* working for me on Safari Windows. Java and VLC both seem to be broken.

QuickTime with XiphQT is working fine for me with Safari 2.0.4 on Mac OS X 10.4.10 (Intel), latest QuickTime.

Can confirm that Java seems to be broken here too.

JavaScript debug console says:

Unsafe JavaScript attempt to access frame with URL http://smorgasbord.local/pix/index.php?title=Image:Apollo_15_CSM_moving_away_from_LM.ogg from frame with URL about:blank. Domains must match.

(That's for Java -- QuickTime is working fine and gives no error messages.)

Changed bug title to indicate general Safari support instead of XiphQT.

I don't get anything in the JavaScript console for the Java player, and it still doesn't work for me if I disable the iframe (line 517 of OggPlayer.js r25710).

Java player on Mac OS X w/ Safari 2.0.4 works for me if I disable the iframe...

On Windows, it works if I install Java, but there's a detection problem when Java is not present.

Like Mozilla, navigator.javaEnabled() returns true when 'Enable Java' is checked in preferences, which is a) true by default and b) not disabled when there's no Java.

Unlike Mozilla, Apple seems to actually ship some kind of Java plugin which shows up in the plugins array _even if there's no Java on the system_:

Apple Java Plug-In — from file “npJavaPlugin.dll”.
MIME Type Description Extensions
application/x-java-applet Java Applet

Nice. :P

So we're detecting the preference (on by default) and the plugin (present by default), and then we get a little box with an unknown-plugin icon in it.

On Mac OS X, Java will always be present as it ships with the OS.

The iframe is disabled now for Safari, so that part of the bug report is fixed.

Both Java and QuickTime modes currently work in Safari. Resolving this as FIXED; opening separate reports for current issues.