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subjectpagename truncates dot in link, but not in linktext
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there is a template

which truncates a dot in the username:

not sure where in this template hell this happens ... but as martin included it it might have worked earlier.

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matmarex added a subscriber: matmarex.

Screenshot for future reference:

I think this is just a quirk of link parsing in MediaWiki, it assumes that trailing dot is not part of the URL when parsing "free links", because it usually isn't when a link is used in a sentence. You should use an explicit link ([https://…/ Text]) if you know exactly what you want to link to.

I fixed the template: (someone might need to "sight" my edit before the fix is visible, since German Wikipedia uses FlaggedRevs). I think this is expected behavior, and it does what you want more often than it doesn't. In corner cases like this you can always use the explicit syntax.