Border option in extended image syntax broken
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Author: michaeldaly

If you use the border option, no border shows up. E.g. on Wikipedia

[[Image:Flag of Japan.svg|22px|border]]

The output is in an anchor tag: <a... class=image...><img ...image spec.../></a>.

Class "image" doesn't seem to be defined anywhere (not in standard main.css, Mediawiki:Common.css nor Mediawiki:Monobook.css). I'm not sure what CSS will generate a border in an anchor tag with an image - nothing I experimented with would work.

Other options with a frame (e.g. thumb) creates <div>s to form borders.

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Severity: enhancement

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<img ... class="thumbborder">

Works for me, and shows just fine.

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michaeldaly wrote:

This is from MW 1.10 (image url elided):

<img alt="border" longdesc="..." src="..." width="101" height="73" />

no class="thumbborder". Is this new to 1.11?

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