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Add a 'returnto' parameter
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Add a 'returnto' parameter to be used in #forminput and #formlink parser functions or manually constructed links to forms

Sometimes you want to edit a page and return to a different one after saving. Imagine you have a list of contacts on an overview page. The new 'returnto' parameter allows you to link to edit forms for every entry and to create forms for new entries and bring the user directly back to the overview page after hitting the 'save' button.

Usage example:

{{#formlink:form=SampleForm|link text=come back here|query string=returnto={{PAGENAME}}}}

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@Thai: Thanks for the report and for providing a patch! Could you fix the commit message by following please? That would also trigger an automatic notification in this task. :) Thanks!

Change 285534 had a related patch set uploaded (by Thai):
Add a 'returnto' parameter

@Aklapper Thanks for the hint. Still learning how to use it...

Change 285534 merged by jenkins-bot:
Add a 'returnto' parameter

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