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New and improved full translation for MessagesMs.php
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Author: tarmiziaffandi

new translation file

This is yet a near-100-percent complete translation file for the Malay language. The old one is quite ancient (done by the folks at MIMOS), and although renewed before (see bug 4770) by fellow Malay Wikipedians, it still has problems (tied to Wikipedia etc.).

All translations have been rewritten and revised thoroughly, and everything is synced with MediaWiki release 1.11.0. Attached is the new file: MessagesMs.php.

Version: 1.11.x
Severity: normal




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tarmiziaffandi wrote:

Some if the special Unicode characters in the file in SVN is corrupted. Please fix.

Fixed with r26109. If I have overseen a message please report it here with the exaxt messagename/text.

Furthermore I have removed untranslated (still English) messages and messages which are optional (untranslated too) and to be ignored.