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automatic involuntary logoffs
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Author: breadandroses22

I've tried and tried to enter an article. Whenever I log on, every page I go to from then on logs me off instantly. No questions asked. Log on. Click upload an article. It says I"m logged off and can't. Log on again. Go to Main Page. It says I'm logged off. What gives? I'd like to add to Wikipedia and read it more often but I can't if this continues. BTW, this entire bugzilla form is one of the most arcane I've ever seen on the Web. Congrats!

Version: unspecified
Severity: enhancement
OS: Windows XP
Platform: PC



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robchur wrote:

  • Do you have cookies enabled in your browser?
  • Who is your Internet Service Provider?

If by chance you're using Hughes or another satellite internet provider, try the experimental HTTPS interface:

There are known problems with Hughes (which we have found no way to report to them) which cause it to break with many, many sites, but apparently doesn't break over HTTPS. (However this may be slower.)

robchur wrote:

The user's responded to me and is indeed using HughesNet - I've replied to him with a brief explanation and directed him to the secure server.

Closing as LATER on the offchance we can get Hughes to listen to us at some point in the future.

matthew.britton wrote:

Just thought I should point out that you can read all of the pages on Wikimedia projects, and edit most of them, without an account.

For that matter, what makes this Bugzilla any more arcane than any of the other Bugzilla installations in use, or any other bug tracker for that matter?

  • This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 17790 ***