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CentralAuth project icons should be square and use the global defaults
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When logging in/out using CentralAuth miniatures of all of the project logos are displayed. Like below

Screenshot from 2016-05-13 09:59:16.png (173×552 px, 22 KB)


For Wiktionary the icon is this one.

This is however the logo of the en.wiktionary which differs from that of most other Wiktionaries and, most importantly, from the Wiktionary logo used on and

Suggestion: Change the icon to a miniature of Wiktionary-logo.svg.


For Wikidata the icon is this one. It is the only one of all of the logos to include the project name as text.

Suggestion: Use a square version of Wikidata-logo.svg instead.


For Wikinews the icon is this one. Since it is not square it gets horizontally squashed in CentralAuth though making it almost unrecognisable.

Suggestion: Make it square by adding white-space above and below.


Same as for Wikinews albeit less extreme.

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Unless I'm misstaken these changes are config changes done in operations/mediawiki-config.git / static / images / sul.

All of these should follwo the recomendation for $wgCentralAuthLoginIcon namely be a 20x20px PNG.

Change 288582 had a related patch set uploaded (by Lokal Profil):
Make sul icons square and use global defaults

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MediaWiki-Configuration's project description says:

This project is part of the core MediaWiki software itself. Issues relating to configuration of MediaWiki on Wikimedia sites should go under Wikimedia-Site-requests.

Dereckson triaged this task as Medium priority.
Dereckson moved this task from Backlog to To deploy on the Wikimedia-Site-requests board.
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Task assigned to config change submitter.

Change 288582 merged by jenkins-bot:
Make SUL icons square and use global defaults

After deploy result looks like below

Screenshot from 2016-06-01 17:09:35.png (216×359 px, 20 KB)