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change rv{end|start}id to rv{min|max}id
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as it's not directly understandable that rvstartid and rvendid is related to the enumeration, and not the revisions per se, I would suggest changing it to rvminid and rvmaxid that is probably more understandable for most people.

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Something similar is the case with list=recentchanges: rcstart is *later* than rcend, because listing STARTS at the newest revision (if rcdir=older). There is logic in this, and we should document this at [1]. Note my bold additions at [2], which aim to clarify this a little.

Recommend WONTFIX.


cannon.danielc wrote:

For the sake of not introducing further incompatibilities, I agree with the WONTFIX. It may have been a bad choice of the parameter names, but I think it's best we stick them so as not to break all of the various tools working off of this query. (The other option that will satisfy both desires is to add a redundant rvminid and rvmaxid, but this is a PITA.)