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parseQuery method missing from SearchMySQL
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Author: kelly.lynn.martin

The SearchMySQL method (includes/SearchMySQL.php, r23531) is missing the parseQuery method. This is likely to cause all sorts of bad things to happen if you try to run MediaWiki with $wgSearchType set to "SearchMySQL". Most people will, of course, use SearchMySQL4 instead, and MediaWiki has required MySQL 4 since (I believe) 1.7.

Fix: Eliminate the class & module (by folding all nonoverridden methods in SearchMySQL4), or alias it to SearchMySQL4, or rig the class so that MediaWiki will throw a meaningful error in the event that someone tries to start up MediaWiki with SearchMySQL as the selected search engine.

Version: 1.12.x
Severity: minor



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Since SearchMySQL3 was obsoleted out, the simplest thing would be to just merge SearchMySQL4 entirely into the SearchMySQL class, and just keep SearchMySQL4 as an alias (child class with no changes).