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Unify layout of enhanced watchlist/recent changes
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The enhanced watchlist groups edits on a page together. At present it shows lines like:

Time Page (4 changes) . . (+bytes) . . (hist) [list of editors]

What you SHOULD get is:

Time Page (4 changes | hist) . . (+bytes) . . [list of editors]

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While the above request is a little vague :) I think the point would be that this would make the grouped lines more consistent with the single-change lines which look like:

Time Page (diff; hist) . . (+bytes) Username (Talk | contribs) (comment)

Note that currently the grouped lines also use a different message for the history link (eg showing as longer "(Page history)"), another inconsistency which can be remedied by using the same message. wrote:

Yep, thats about what I meant :)

Created attachment 4642
Patch moving the history link to the corresponding place

This patch (against the current trunk) makes the history link appear after the “N changes” message, inside the parentheses, just like in the ungrouped case.


(Changing summary to a more descriptive one, +keywords)