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Add Balinese language (ban) to Names.php
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First export of Balinese language was made with Ic5724eb907b438b49782985441579ffcd8ebee8c.

Now it's time to add Balinese to MediaWiki core.

In languages/data/Names.php:

		'ban' => 'Basa Bali', # Balinese

In RELEASE-NOTES-1.28, section "Languages updated in 1.28":

  • ban (Balinese ), thanks to translators Adi Mayndra, Andru, BASAbali, M. Adiputra, Naval Scene, Nemo bis, NoiX180, and 아라

(Normally I would commit a patch but I have trouble with "git review" to core under Windows 8.1)