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Restore former namespaces on pt.wikinews
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$wgExtraNamespaces wasn't sorted correctly alphabetically: ptwikinews plwikinews.
That led me to create a new array instead to append new namespaces in the former one at 8c29c8e5.

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Change 295239 had a related patch set uploaded (by Dereckson):
Fix pt.wikinews namespace issue

Thanks @Grondin to have noticed the issue.

Change 295239 merged by jenkins-bot:
Fix pt.wikinews namespace issue

Mentioned in SAL [2016-06-20T23:16:26Z] <dereckson@tin> Synchronized wmf-config/InitialiseSettings.php: Fix pt.wikinews namespace issue (T138230) (duration: 00m 24s)

Mentioned in SAL [2016-06-20T23:22:09Z] <Dereckson> mwscript namespaceDupes.php ptwikinews --fix (T138230). Some links and revisions are still to fix.

Some portal history pages weren't mergeable, as the actual content in namespace (main) was more recent than the previous content in the namespace:

$ mwscript namespaceDupes.php ptwikinews --add-prefix='Backup/' --fix
id=47833 ns=0 dbk=Portal:América_do_Norte -> Portal:Backup/América_do_Norte (alternate)
id=47447 ns=0 dbk=Portal:Cultura_e_entretenimento -> Portal:Backup/Cultura_e_entretenimento (alternate)
id=47786 ns=0 dbk=Portal:Desporto -> Portal:Backup/Desporto (alternate)
id=48233 ns=0 dbk=Portal:Economia_e_negócios -> Portal:Backup/Economia_e_negócios (alternate)
id=46161 ns=0 dbk=Portal:Europa -> Portal:Backup/Europa (alternate)
id=48121 ns=0 dbk=Portal:Futebol -> Portal:Backup/Futebol (alternate)
id=46147 ns=0 dbk=Portal:Justiça -> Portal:Backup/Justiça (alternate)
id=47806 ns=0 dbk=Portal:Oceania -> Portal:Backup/Oceania (alternate)
id=47542 ns=0 dbk=Portal:Religião -> Portal:Backup/Religião (alternate)
id=47787 ns=0 dbk=Portal:Saúde -> Portal:Backup/Saúde (alternate)
id=47836 ns=0 dbk=Portal:África -> Portal:Backup/África (alternate)
id=47817 ns=0 dbk=Portal:Ásia -> Portal:Backup/Ásia (alternate)

@Grondin I'd suggest to delete the following pages, as there are all redirects to a category, perhaps because the portal page wasn't accessible:

If the intent was to kill portals and replace them by categories, the redirection could then be redone on the portal page.

Once done, I'll have further cleaning tasks and would like your assistance on IRC to speed up the process. We'll need to visit some pages to tweak bogus internal wiki links.

Dereckson lowered the priority of this task from High to Medium.EditedJun 21 2016, 12:17 AM

Now namespaces have been restored, decreasing the priority as these cleaning tasks won't impede the use of transwiki import.

Follow-up: I sent a mail to @Grondin to ask them when we can work together to solve that on IRC.

Resolved with the precious help of @Grondin;

$ mwscript namespaceDupes.php ptwikinews
0 pages to fix, 0 were resolvable.

0 links to fix, 0 were resolvable.

Looks good!

Mentioned in SAL [2016-06-22T20:59:59Z] <Dereckson> Run namespaceDupes.php on ptwikinews (T138230) and frwikinews (T138442)