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When {essay|shortcut} and {shortcut|shortcut} tags conflict, no warning or error message is generated.
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Please see the en.WP pages WP:BABY and WP:BATHWATER.

The first points the essay WP:Baby_and_bathwater which contains the following tag:

{{Essay|interprets=[[Wikipedia:Editing policy]] and the [[Wikipedia:Core content policies]]|WP:BABY|WP:BATHWATER}}

As you can see the essay lists two shortcuts: BABY and BATHWATER.

The second points to a section of another essay, WP:Overzealous deletion. That section includes the tag:


When you click on BATHWATER it takes you to this second page.

(Sidenote: The {details} tag in the latter article section was added by me today)

It seems that the shortcut tag/section was created after the essay tag/page but apparently no conflict warning was given that there was already a page using that shortcut. I am not sure if this is a case of most recent tag wins or if it is a case of shortcut has priority over essay but a scan needs to be done to see if there are any other conflicts and then a the bug needs to be fixed.

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KTOM added a project: MediaWiki-Templates.

This is not a Wikipedia issue. It is an issue with someone listing WP:BATHWATER as a shortcut to [[WP:Baby and bathwater]] when it really points to [[WP:Overzealous deletion]]. It should be noted that I have removed BATHWATER from the {{essay}} tag.

Closing as per last comment - on-wiki content.