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request to localise namespace in km.wiktionary
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I would like to request to change untranslated project namespace(s) of km.wiktionary as following

(name discussing)

ការពិភាក្សាអំពីWiktionary: (that is Wiktionary talk:)
(name discussing)

The term វិគីនានុក្រម is from the name of project itself.

Please also check spellings because they are easy to misspell. Zoom in for visibility.

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Octahedron80 updated the task description. (Show Details)

Just hold on. Someone on km.wikt proposes another names. We'll make decision in back.

@Octahedron80: Don't forget to link to the discussion on km.wikt. This kind of change requires a community consensus (i.e. a vote), so the link can be used to check that.

@Octahedron80 do you have now an agreement between គីនានុក្រម or វីគានុក្រម ?

Seems no one further discuss about this. I withdraw this request.