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Increase java heap on logstash1001-3
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logstash1002 hit an OOM today and then fell out of the cluster. In elasticsearch 2.3 aggregations are done on the machine running the queries, which is always 1001-3, these might be a bit more memory hungry than facets on 1.7 were. The heap is currently set to 2G and 1001-3 all have 5G+ unused (completely, in addition to a 4-5G disk cache). We can likely double the amount of memory available to these instances without any concern.

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Change 300440 had a related patch set uploaded (by EBernhardson):
Increase elasticsearch heap on logstash routing instances

Change 300440 merged by Gehel:
Increase elasticsearch heap on logstash routing instances

Mentioned in SAL [2016-07-22T14:21:23Z] <gehel> rolling restart of logstash100[1-3] - T141063

Gehel claimed this task.

Increase of memory deployed, elasticsearch restarted on logstash100[1-3], checked that new heap is 4Go.