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robots.txt changes for de.wikipedia
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Author: wiki.bugzilla

Please add the following lines to robots.txt regarding de.wikipedia:

Disallow: /wiki/Wikipedia:Checkuser/
Disallow: /wiki/Wikipedia_Diskussion:Checkuser/
Disallow: /wiki/Wikipedia_Diskussion:Adminkandidaturen/
(The last is where the actual RfA discussions take place.)

The following entries regarding dewiki should be adapted:

Disallow: /wiki/Wikipedia:Gesperrte_Lemmata/
seems to be twice on the list afaics, one entry can be removed therefore.

Disallow: /wiki/Wikipedia:Vandalensperrung/
can be removed as these pages have been renamed several months ago from "Vandalensperrung" to "Vandalismusmeldung" which is already on the list.

Further notes:

Currently there are two separate paragraphs regarding dewiki, one is named "de", the other "4937#5". It could be neat to combine both under one header.

Also, the different entries to exclude special:search are a bit unsorted. They should either be listed in one paragraph for all languages or they should go to the specific language paragraph as it is done e.g. for ar, he and hu at the moment (this is just an additional 'prettifying' request).

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Severity: enhancement



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bzimport raised the priority of this task from to Medium.Nov 21 2014, 9:55 PM
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bzimport added a subscriber: Unknown Object (MLST). wrote:

Please let me emphasize that the first two entries concerning checkuser are very important in regard to privacy protection. Especially false accusations of alternative account usage might lead to severe "real world" problems for accounts involved when spread by google and others. This might even lead to legal action taken against the Wikimedia Foundation. Therefore, I recommend a fast proceeding with this bug. Thank you.

--Hei ber
Member of the Wikimedia Foundation's Ombudsman Commission

If they are private, they shouldn't be on the wiki.

Updated. (May take a moment; cache etc)

I've left the Vandalensperrung entry there for consistency (eg just in case :)