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AI could Performance review of <Insert name of feature/service>
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(Please provide the context of the performance review, and describe how the feature or service works at a high level technically and from a user point of view, or link to documentation describing that.)

Preview environment

(Insert one or more links to where the feature can be tested, e.g. on Beta Cluster.)

Hosting the changes on Beta Cluster is a requirement prior to performance review. Please ensure that the feature can be used directly on the link(s) provided, without any data entry such as having to create an article. Any sample content needed should already be present.

If the changes cannot be hosted on Beta Cluster, explain why and provide links to an alternate public environment instead where the Performance Team can also SSH into. Links to code only is insufficient for a performance review.

Which code to review

(Provide links to all proposed changes and/or repositories. It should also describe changes which have not yet been merged or deployed but are planned prior to deployment. E.g. production Puppet, wmf config, or in-flight features expected to complete prior to launch date, etc.).

Performance assessment

Please initiate the performance assessment by answering the below:

  • What work has been done to ensure the best possible performance of the feature?
  • What are likely to be the weak areas (e.g. bottlenecks) of the code in terms of performance?
  • Are there potential optimisations that haven't been performed yet?
  • Please list which performance measurements are in place for the feature and/or what you've measured ad-hoc so far. If you are unsure what to measure, ask the Performance Team for advice: