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make the design of the rows in the different Content Translation tabs as consistent as possible
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There are various differences between the three tabs in the Content Translation dashboard.

Some of these differences are justified by the nature of the tab, but others are unnecessary and confusing. Here are some that I found:

  • Rows in all tabs have the source and the target languages, and an arrow between them, but only in the Suggestions tab the source language is linked. As far as I can see, in all of them the source language must be linked to the source article, and in the Published tab, the target language should be linked, too. Even though the whole row behaves like a link, another explicit hyperlink won't hurt. (See also T142926.)
  • Article titles are sometimes links and sometimes they are not. Some of them are <a> links and some are <span> links. (This bug is related to T138196. This bug doesn't render that issue obsolete, however. In a complete solution to this bug, the links must be consistently defined as standard <a href> links wherever possible.)
  • Deleting suggestions is done with an "x" icon, and deleting ongoing translation is done with an ellipsis icon and a menu. This may make sense for preventing accidental deletion, but maybe this could be reconsidered. "Delete translation" has always been the only action in the ellipsis menu, and another solution can be to change it to the same "x" icon, which would show a confirmation dialog. I leave this to the designers, however.