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List items in toolbar of WikiEditor missing in Chinese Wikivoyage
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Hi, I'm from Chinese Wikivoyage administrator.

I find Chinese wikivoyage editor, the original list item suddenly today missing!

Originally to have a list items. (see pitcture)

Screenshot1.png (166×1 px, 40 KB)

But Chinese Wikivoyage actually missing....

Screenshot2.png (163×1 px, 24 KB)

Please personnel improvement, thank you!

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Hi @Yuriy_kosygin, thanks for taking the time to report this!

I cannot reproduce the problem. Going to a random article and editing it via WikiEditor (in my case: ) I get those list items displayed (列表项).

Have you tried disabling any potential gadgets in our custom user scripts?

If you can reproduce the problem, could you please open your web browser's developer tools and reload the page on which you see the problem? If there is a problem or an error with JavaScript it should be printed in the 'console' of the developer tools. For more information please see:

Aklapper renamed this task from Chinese wikivoyage editor, the original list item suddenly today missing! to List items in toolbar of WikiEditor missing in Chinese Wikivoyage.Sep 9 2016, 3:41 PM

Except IE,But Google Chrome does not display about 列表项

This is from Google Chrome 'Console'

This page is using the deprecated ResourceLoader module "jquery.ui.widget".
VM514:1 This page is using the deprecated ResourceLoader module "jquery.ui.core".
Please use "mediawiki.ui.button" or "oojs-ui" instead.
load.php?debug=false&lang=zh-tw&modules=jquery%2Cmediawiki&only=scripts&skin=vector&version=07zvr6j:176 Exception in module-execute in module site:
load.php?debug=false&lang=zh-tw&modules=jquery%2Cmediawiki&only=scripts&skin=vector&version=07zvr6j:176 ReferenceError: wgULS is not defined ReferenceError: wgULS is not defined(…)log @ load.php?debug=false&lang=zh-tw&modules=jquery%2Cmediawiki&only=scripts&skin=vector&version=07zvr6j:176handler @ load.php?debug=false&lang=zh-tw&modules=jquery%2Cmediawiki&only=scripts&skin=vector&version=07zvr6j:153fire @ load.php?debug=false&lang=zh-tw&modules=jquery%2Cmediawiki&only=scripts&skin=vector&version=07zvr6j:45fireWith @ load.php?debug=false&lang=zh-tw&modules=jquery%2Cmediawiki&only=scripts&skin=vector&version=07zvr6j:46fire @ load.php?debug=false&lang=zh-tw&modules=jquery%2Cmediawiki&only=scripts&skin=vector&version=07zvr6j:46track @ load.php?debug=false&lang=zh-tw&modules=jquery%2Cmediawiki&only=scripts&skin=vector&version=07zvr6j:153runScript @ load.php?debug=false&lang=zh-tw&modules=jquery%2Cmediawiki&only=scripts&skin=vector&version=07zvr6j:161checkCssHandles @ load.php?debug=false&lang=zh-tw&modules=jquery%2Cmediawiki&only=scripts&skin=vector&version=07zvr6j:161execute @ load.php?debug=false&lang=zh-tw&modules=jquery%2Cmediawiki&only=scripts&skin=vector&version=07zvr6j:162implement @ load.php?debug=false&lang=zh-tw&modules=jquery%2Cmediawiki&only=scripts&skin=vector&version=07zvr6j:168(anonymous function) @ VM607:1(anonymous function) @ load.php?debug=false&lang=zh-tw&modules=jquery%2Cmediawiki&only=scripts&skin=vector&version=07zvr6j:4globalEval @ load.php?debug=false&lang=zh-tw&modules=jquery%2Cmediawiki&only=scripts&skin=vector&version=07zvr6j:4iterate @ load.php?debug=false&lang=zh-tw&modules=jquery%2Cmediawiki&only=scripts&skin=vector&version=07zvr6j:166

Hmm. If I go to the random page韋希加&action=edit&debug=true (note the additional &debug=true) and check the error console of the web browser's developer tools, I get:
TypeError: mw.Api is not a constructor
for line 293 (var api = new mw.Api();) in .
That should definitely get fixed by someone (maybe @Hkjacksonhk or @zhuyifei1999?), and then this bug should be rechecked.

The wgULS is not defined above is also interesting but I cannot reproduce (yet). Not sure if related but worth to investigate.互助客栈/技术/存档/2015年3月#.E7.BC.96.E8.BE.91.E5.B7.A5.E5.85.B7.E6.A0.8F.E7.9A.84.E2.80.9C.E5.BC.95.E7.94.A8.E2.80.9D.E4.B8.8D.E8.A7.81.E4.BA.86 sounds similar.

@Aklapper Do you know of any recent changes concerning mw.Api?

I have just Fixed about MediaWiki:Gadget-twinklefluff.js‎ and MediaWiki:Gadget-twinkleconfig.js‎ Bug.

but I only see the remaining part of the API:

Uncaught TypeError: mw.Api is not a constructor

(anonymous function) @ load.php?debug=true&lang=zh-tw&modules=site&only=scripts&skin=vector&version=12pji60:293

(anonymous function) @ load.php?debug=true&lang=zh-tw&modules=site&only=scripts&skin=vector&version=12pji60:307

@zhuyifei1999 but still no resolved about 列表项 missing qustion....

I think maybe in yesterday,the developer add a "visual editing"(视觉编辑) relationship. We may want to the developers explain the problem, they may can to solve this problem.

@zhuyifei1999 by the way, if additional &debug=true in url will displayed 列表项, but move &debug=true still no display.

In the past, the issues do not occur, only when yesterday began to appear. that's very odd...