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Author: mczeke

Will Wiki be adding a custom icon for wiki people that will show up in the Springboard when a user makes a "webclip", using their iPhone or iPod Touch?

If so the simple way is:

Create a 57x57 PNG. Name it "apple-touch-icon.png" Throw it in the root folder of your website. (Not the root of your server, the root of your web documents.)

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jeluf wrote:

We share one root folder for all projects. So we'd have one logo for Wikipedia, the Commons, Wiktionary, etc. pp. To enable this feature, an additional <link rel/> tag is needed.

mczeke wrote:

yes, the example below:

<link rel="apple-touch-icon" href="/imgs/apple-cybernet.png" />

is another way to do it.

Support for the link added in r29942 ($wgAppleTouchIcon, defaults to false/none).

Have created an initial icon for Wikipedia:

(The glossy look and round corners are applied over this by the iPod UI. It looks rather fetching IMHO. :)

mczeke wrote:

Awesome Work !