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[edit=sysop] and [edit=autoconfirmed] without :move=autoconfirmed or move=sysop not listed in log
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Author: michael.frey

When I don't set a move protection (check "Unlock move permissions" and choise move "default"), Mediawiki doesn't make a log entrance when I change the edit protection.

To show that Issue:

The Page is edit sysop, move default and that works, but this current block isn't listed in the log.

That's not critical, because sysops are confirmed users and this setting is unusual, but in a bigger wikis with more sysops can it be important to know how locked when what page.

Version: 1.12.x
Severity: enhancement



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This happened because when the code depended on the last value of number of changed rows in the database, and this value was zero when move-protection was not used, regardless of whether edit-protection was used or not. This is fixed with r30158.