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Size and position should persist between sessions
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ProveIt can be resized and moved around, but the size and position are lost when we reload the page. Size and position should persist between sessions, probably storing the values through a cookie.

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Restricted Application added a subscriber: Aklapper. · View Herald TranscriptOct 17 2016, 11:25 AM
Sophivorus triaged this task as Low priority.Oct 17 2016, 11:42 AM
Sophivorus added a comment.EditedOct 25 2016, 1:12 AM

The move and resize functionality is difficult to implement, buggy, adds a dependency and complicates the code. Plus I think most users won't use it, as the current size and position are quite convenient. Furthermore, if anyone wants to change the size of the gadget, they can easily do so in a persistent manner by simply adding the following to their common.css:

#proveit-form, {
	width: 1000px !important;
	height: 500px !important;

For the above reasons, and despite having spent several hours coding it, I'd like to REMOVE this functionality, and add the above CSS to the documentation at Commons, in case anyone wants it.

@Sophivorus I think this is bad idea. I am always using 'move' functionality.

MrX added a subscriber: MrX.Oct 25 2016, 9:18 PM

The CSS solution is one way to achieve persistence, I suppose. This is probably not a significant issue worth pursuing if it is too difficult to code and maintain.

I would be happy if the ProveIt window itself had standard resizing behavior, as opposed to its current implementation which uses a form text input resize control in the bottom right corner.

Sophivorus lowered the priority of this task from Low to Lowest.Apr 18 2017, 7:12 PM