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SVG rendering and image uploads
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Author: verbinurnoun

I am uncertain whether or not Bugzilla accepts Wikia bug reports, but I was directed here by their site. The bug manifests itself in that SVGs (and at least one PNG) are displayed as a gray box with "Error creating thumbnail: Unable to create destination directory" on it. Other images are displayed as red links, even though they exist on the server—their Image: pages, however, do not: they can be retrieved from the various image version links, but they are not technically "there".

You can take a look at the effects here:

Version: 1.12.x
Severity: major



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This is almost certainly a problem with missing directories or bad directory permissions on the server. You'll have to check with the wikia server admins.

verbinurnoun wrote:

No other—to my knowledge—Wikia has this problem. Wouldn't it affect everything if it was a root problem (as I guess you're suggesting—?)?

Speaking from experience on our system, it is likely that the individual subdirectory for your wiki is missing/incorrectly permissioned.

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