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Assign importupload right to administrators on hsbwiki
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Hi, per community consensus (čma&oldid=338638#Zaso_raz_woth.C5.82osowa.C4.87 , all active users supported this move), please assign the importupload userright to the local administrator group. Thanks!

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Setting project to Wikimedia-Site-requests, as this request is about settings / configuration of a Wikimedia website.

For more information about how to request these kinds of changes, please see

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A question. Why you need it? Sysops can import from enabled wikis by default (import flag). Maybe we can set up a list of wikis you want to import from instead of importing from XML directly. Importing XML files can be (and is) dangerous.

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+1, 'importupload' is not a right which should be assigned automatically to any administrator, since it requires a fair amount of technical skills besides community trust. Entire page histories can be messed up (no matter if intentionally or by accident); I would strongly discourage from implementing this and would indeed suggest considering to follow the suggestion above and add transwiki import sources instead.

Was discussed with the community (at the same page that was linked) and transwiki import will be used instead of importupload. Because this is another type of request a new ticket will be opened for it.