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Please upload large file to Wikimedia Commons
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Please upload these file(s) to Wikimedia Commons:

wget{,.txt} # md5: 1f9b8350989fb01e09f6234f36884e92
wget{,.txt} # md5: ae04d80e39bc3e0a77b7f8bd6e30b222
wget{,.txt} # md5: d7aef6591ae5794791b40867853a53f2
wget{,.txt} # md5: 6dfe6f72f767a763418aa0343be4e12c
wget{,.txt} # md5: 9ba5b0e3321aec5a14e58bb130c74b31
wget{,.txt} # md5: 7cac53be7379b11d8dd74f1621c1f79b
wget{,.txt} # md5: c3e6fc5acc2c408561789b5035f5a522
wget{,.txt} # md5: 655db79969cf751593ce08fd09748bc3
wget{,.txt} # md5: 6c072fe15786784f76a623d2577fcfaa
wget{,.txt} # md5: 81f315579f0ea2f1f61e13eb71d3c843
wget{,.txt} # md5: 55a5866f281a62c4d69b690323c5da19
wget{,.txt} # md5: e26dc5b7fef19b9ac88a17bd535e3fb6
wget{,.txt} # md5: dae337d4e4798207d20ea453a4501353
wget{,.txt} # md5: 0ed2a8a447c8f9c8caf06db7af4d6261
wget{,.txt} # md5: d1493f0543fd9f14c459c27b6ea95231
wget{,.txt} # md5: ed99c757461b1929a5bd1ebe59fcd0bd
wget{,.txt} # md5: d5945588a92e551f2013a74a022bb78c
wget{,.txt} # md5: 1b756584facfd96bf9588a72168e48d8

Thank you!

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Per @Dereckson 's comment at T150416 (T150416#2808723)

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No longer true, the tool now deletes after 15 days.

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All uploaded.

Note: 6-25-15-_White_House_Press_Briefing.webm already existed and so has been overwritten.