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Add "mul" local interwiki link prefix for and
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Beta.wikiversity interwiki links are rendered as a mere redlinks. Needs a fix.

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[[betawikiversity:foo]] works for me on all Wikimedia wikis. If you meant something else, could you clarify?

Interlanguage links like [[fr:foo]] and [[:fr:foo]] also seem to work fine on the Beta Wikiversity.

[[beta:foo]] does not work. That is the point of the bug request. It is not

It should be [[beta:wikiversity:foo]] (or [[mul:wikiversity:foo]] if you want to stick to ISO codes) not [[betawikiversity:foo]]

I said that wrong...

It should be [[wikiversity:beta:foo]] (or [[wikiversity:mul:foo]] if you want
to stick to ISO codes) not [[betawikiversity:foo]]

Also, [[:beta:V:Main Page]] and [[:V:beta:Main Page]] do not produce the same results, whereas e.g. [[:de:B:Main Page] and [[:B:de:Main Page]] lead to the same URL (at least in en.wp.)

hillgentleman wrote:

Hello. I am a bureaucrat on [[Betawikiversity:]].

There is substantial value in this request.
The Beta Wikiversity Site not being able to appear on the interlingual list of sister wikiversities damages the interwiki traffic. It is not very easily accessible or known to Wikimedians and the growth of new wikiversities would suffer, so would interwiki collaboration.

Currently MikeU has been coordinating a multi-wikiversity effort on the [[Betawikiversity:2009 International Year of Astronomy]]. As you can see, it is awkward that [[beta:]] can only link to, and not from [[en:]] and [[cs:]].

There is potential for wikimedia-wide use, as the existing multilingual wikisource and the proposed multilingual wikibook could also benefit from this function.


Changing the bug summary to serve also for, which has the same problem (and additionally, it doesn't have any sensible generic interwiki prefix neither, only [[oldwikisource:]]).
The mul: prefix would be a "language"-like prefix which links to betawikiversity from Wikiversities and to multilingual Wikisource from Wikisources, so you could use actual interwikis shown in the sidebar or use [[s:mul:]] and [[v:mul:]] instead of [[oldwikisource:]] and [[betawikiversity:]].
The "mul" code is a ISO 639 standard:
See also for some discussion.

ATM closing as LATER, rather inclining to WONTFIX at all:

First of all this should be split to (at least) two different bugs - one for versity one for source. Because they are totally different cases. Then there would be most probably another split, because there are two (or even three) things mixed together again: the iw prefix, the site prefix and the site language.

There is some idea about handling of incubated wikis and project hubs more generic way pending (currently checking for possible shortcomings etc.) which would solve this issue much better way.

For the time being, betaversity content should be moved to Incubator, because Incubator already handles 5 project families and is currently under raising development of additional tools via extension to simplify the work.

Oldwikisource is a bit different case and can't be solved this way, but would be solved via the planned generic system.

I'd say WONTFIX, as (afaik) we can't have interwiki links going to different wikis depending on the project (language interwiki links go to $

See also bug 30206 which could be a different approach to this issue.

I do support moving BetaWV to Incubator, as Danny B says.

Bug 32189 suggests another solution for Wikisource (waiting for Siebrand's input).

Switching from LATER to the second most relevant resolution for fear of information loss.