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importScript() should not encode : or /
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cirwin's version of importScript() used on the English Wiktionary results in path names with colons and slashes encoded as %3A and %2F which leads to a different cache entry to scripts imported manually using document.write().

If both versions are included it is hard to know which version will actually be called. For programmers it is easy to flush the wrong one when working on their code.

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Now that importScript() is a part of core, has this been fixed in core, or is this still an issue?

The current implementation escapes ':' and '/', producing URLs like this:


If we're recommending consistent use of importScript() it probably doesn't really matter, but it wouldn't hurt to be self-consistent with how we generate other URLs... of course even with the change to the encoding, the order of the pieces is different.

MediaWiki usually generates URLs with the title component first; also caching options will differ depending on who's generating the URL and when.

Have switched the order and the encoding to be more consistent. Applied in r44192.