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Allow bureaucrats on Meta-wiki to remove rights
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Author: axel9891

Per general agreement here:, and no objections at all, can someone please set bureaucrats on Meta to be able to remove rights as well as add them? Thanks.

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Severity: enhancement



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lilewyn wrote:

More specifically:

$wgGroupPermissions['bureaucrat']['userrights'] = true;
$wgAddGroups['bureaucrat'] = array( 'bot', 'sysop', 'bureaucrat');
$wgRemoveGroups['bureaucrat'] = array( 'bot', 'sysop');

This goes along with Meta admins being given bureaucrat upon request, this way we can manage our army of temporary sysops and deal with local confirmation issues without bothering the stewards.

axel9891 wrote:

Bureaucrats should also have the ability to remove bureaucrat right as well.

cometstyles wrote:

This will be an excellent test cause if it goes well, it can be implemented on other wikis (not enwiki since its too big/controversial to be governed by crats only) but may work perfectly on commons and other smaller wikis such as Simplewiki , wikinews, wikisource and wikiversity so the Stewards can deal with the remaining 730+ wikis.

jeluf wrote:


The following rules have been set:

$wgGroupPermissions['bureaucrat']['userrights'] = true;
$wgAddGroups['bureaucrat'] = array( 'bot', 'sysop', 'bureaucrat');
$wgRemoveGroups['bureaucrat'] = array( 'bot', 'sysop', 'bureaucrat');

jeluf wrote:

Revoked $wgGroupPermissions['bureaucrat']['userrights'] = true; due to concerns regarding WMF's privacy policy.

ayg wrote:

. . . because setting userrights allows the right to set or remove *any* group, including oversight, checkuser, etc. It should presumably not be set on any Wikimedia wiki for anyone but stewards. AddGroups/RemoveGroups should be used instead (they don't require userrights to be set to work).

lilewyn wrote:

Thank you. I'm posting a notice to the Meta bureaucrats now. Apologies for the mixup re: ['userrights'].