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Flagged page cannot be moved by non-sighters (tab is missing)
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Author: Wiki.Melancholie

The "move" tab is missing on flagged pages for users that do not have a sighter status!


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This is to prevent title vandalism.

This is obviously a bug, since it practically changes move permission from autoconfirmed to two-month-accounts when every page is flagged. a discussion took place at

No, that would not be called a bug, since it is entirely deliberate. Of course, it can be tweaked if desired.

wikipedia wrote:

The biggest Problem is that it provokes copy'n'paste-movements done by newbes which violates our license - title vandalism is not so common. Why not just unwatch the article after moving? (With autoreview if you are a reviewer).

gnu1742 wrote:

I think that the german Wikipedia was chosen for a test of the flaggedrev feature, because it is one of the biggest WPs around and also has a lot of contributors. Thus we have a lot of observing eyes which can handle this issue better than any technical solution. Title vandalism is not really a problem on de-wp, but this feature annoys a lot of users. Probably it is helpful on smaller wikimedia projects, but it should be deactivated on projects with a working community above a certain size. Wikipedia grew big by the skills and effort of individual people, so we should still rely on them in future.

For know, sysadmin can set $wgGroupPermissions['autoconfirmed']['movestable'] = true; to lift the restriction.

Thank you very much! I requested a config change in bug 14166.