Sourcefilename and destfilename messages should use wfMsgExt with parseinline
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Author: brianna.laugher



$sourcefilename = wfMsgExt( 'sourcefilename', 'escapenoentities' );
$destfilename = wfMsgExt( 'destfilename', 'escapenoentities' );

should be

$sourcefilename = wfMsgExt( 'sourcefilename', array( 'parseinline','escapenoentities') );
$destfilename = wfMsgExt( 'destfilename', array( 'parseinline' ,'escapenoentities') );

These messages used to have parseinline and our custom forms such as "deownwork" (which combined a language code with a purpose) would then work. Sourcefilename messages for "deownwork" are filled with "{{MediaWiki:sourcefilename/de}}" so that the expected default is shown. (same with destfilename)

Now, the curly brackets are shown directly on the form.

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Done in r36157

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