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Image move/rename doesn't work on sites that transform thumbnails via 404
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The image records in the DB get changed, but the file on disk isn't moved, making the exercise rather... broken. Currently enabled for sysops only on during testing.

Some log extracts...

A local test, working:
2008-07-06 22:01:33 shortwiki: Got request to move Rana_skeleton.png to Rana skeleton moved.png
2008-07-06 22:01:33 shortwiki: Cannot transform via 404, so move thumbnails
2008-07-06 22:01:33 shortwiki: Generated move triplet for Rana_skeleton.png: mwrepo://local/public/a%2Fae%2FRana_skeleton.png :: public :: 4/40/Rana_skeleton_moved.png
2008-07-06 22:01:33 shortwiki: Renamed Rana_skeleton.png in database: 1 successes, 0 failures
2008-07-06 22:01:33 shortwiki: Moved files for Rana_skeleton.png: 1 successes, 0 failures
2008-07-06 22:01:33 shortwiki: Finished moving Rana_skeleton.png

A live test, failed (apparent success in db but actual file not moved):
2008-07-06 22:09:18 testwiki: Got request to move Image_move_test.png to Image move test target.png
2008-07-06 22:09:18 testwiki: No moving thumbnails, ok to transform via 404
2008-07-06 22:09:18 testwiki: Renamed Image_move_test.png in database: 1 successes, 0 failures
2008-07-06 22:09:18 testwiki: Moved files for Image_move_test.png: 0 successes, 0 failures
2008-07-06 22:09:18 testwiki: Finished moving Image_move_test.png

It appears that it's simply not bothering to schedule any renames for the filesystem, so nothing gets renamed.

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Bryan.TongMinh wrote:

Fixed in r37239. It was merging a null with an array.