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Choose JS documentation tool for PST
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Afnecors renamed this task from Choose JS documentation tool to Choose JS documentation tool for PST.Jun 15 2017, 2:45 PM
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It seems a good idea to comply with the coding conventions, but just to check (considering we are not using Ext JS):

Quoting the JSDuck FAQ

Q: Can I use JSDuck with non-ExtJS project?

A: [...] JSDuck will happily parse any valid JavaScript, but as its auto-detection capabilities are tuned for ExtJS, you'll probably need to document more things explicitly with @tags rather than relying on the auto-detection.

[...] If you're structuring your code in OOP-manner (like Ext JS is structured) JSDuck is probably a good fit. But when you're structuring your code in functional style (like jQuery), you might be better off with a different tool.

We don't plan to use functional style in our code right?