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problems with forced PNG rendering
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Author: xeddvok7bd7464n2

A PNG forced and rendered math/TeX Greek letter (for example: \Alpha\,) does not look like the same not-forced letter (e.g.: \Alpha) if you have chosen the “Math | Always render PNG” option in the settings. The first one gives an italic, the second one an upright letter. This problem appears only with Greek capital letters. With the standard settings (“Math | HTML if very simple or else PNG”) both variants are printed upright. In de:WP we have a list with Greek letters [1], where you can compare the difference between PNG forced and not-forced capital letters (settings in German: “TeX | Immer als PNG darstellen”). I have made a screenshot of this page section [2] with the above mentioned (not standard) settings.


Version: unspecified
Severity: normal
OS: Linux
Platform: PC



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xeddvok7bd7464n2 wrote:

No ideas to solve this problem?

I think this is due to old renderings and mismatched versions of texvc behaving differently. When I render these cleanly on my offline text box, they all come up looking consistent.

xeddvok7bd7464n2 wrote:

That means that this problem will be fixed automatically in near future?

mike.lifeguard+bugs wrote:

(In reply to comment #3)

That means that this problem will be fixed automatically in near future?

I think that's what was meant, yes. If so, then I suspect any and all badly rendered images have since disappeared & this can be closed. Please confirm whether you can still reproduce this on WMF wikis.

xeddvok7bd7464n2 wrote:

I just want to remark that this problem still appears on de.WP.

nmichalo wrote:

Never mind, commented on wrong bug by accident.

nmichalo wrote:

I just checked and that this problem still occurs on en.wikibooks, and so almost certainly still occurs for all of the wikimedia wiki's. On the other hand it cannot be reproduced on a clean install of mediawiki, and it doesn't seem to particularly be a texvc issue. I suspect to cure this the wikimedia folks need to manually clean out some of the older png's that texvc created, so the new versions can recreate them correctly. Does anyone know if there is a mechanism to expire very some of the very old images created by Texvc? Should we change the component of this bug?

nmichalo wrote:

This is really a duplicate of the math cache bug and marking as such.

*** This bug has been marked as a duplicate of bug 24445 ***