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Dashboards: using a specific tab url doesn't work
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When trying to view dashboards using a URL open a specific tab, it's not working right now.

You can try: as an example.

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This bug came from the renderMenu function in shinydashboard package, and it was fixed on July 19th:
All we need to do is to re-install the package from github...

Fixed by re-install the package via devtools::install_github.

We need to re-install the package after they publish the bug fix on CRAN (so that the package source won't be github).

Nice! Great job @chelsyx! I was so frustrated when the thing supposed to work but didn't.

@debt: We'll need a separate ticket to re-install the shinydashboard package once they upload the fixed version to CRAN because we want to avoid using development versions of packages in production and we might forget. I'm not sure whether to create a "subtask" from this one?

Closing this out, as it might be several months before the fixed version gets uploaded to CRAN; we have a task for this additional work: T171637.

Thanks, @chelsyx !