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Wikipedia Library Card Platform: "Request renewal" returns Internal server error
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I'm trying to request renewal for my access grant, but the Wikipedia Library Card Platform ( returns an internal server error when I click the "request renewal" button . The error page recommends reporting it on Phabricator.

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I've also heard the same issue from User: HazelAB I'm going to raise the priority on this hope thats okay?

@Doremo I actually received your application on the backend, not sure why it is coming up as an error on your end.

Thanks for continuing to follow up on this. I only know that I repeatedly got the "internal server error" page with the puppy dog on it by clicking "request renewal". :-)

I believe this issue should be resolved. Please verify.

Thank you; the page no longer returns an error (but unfortunately does return the message "Renewals are not available" when I click "Request renewal.")

Samwalton9-WMF subscribed.

Going to leave this open because renewals should be available. Any idea why this wouldn't be working Jason?

Because the renewal was already requested. As @Cameron11598 said, the original renewal request for @Doremo went through, and I can see that he has both a pending (the renewal) and a sent (the original) app. Apps are eligible for renewal if they are approved/sent and have not already been renewed.

Thank you to everyone that helped work this out.