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A Wikimedia contributor can't access Phabricator from a Maroc Telecom IP.

The IP belongs to the - block described as ADSL_Maroc_telecom

Could be the Zero protection filter? You didn't block I hope?

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Aklapper claimed this task.

That is unfortunately intentional due to spending way too much time recently on removing copyrighted material and disabling accounts on Phabricator.
I did block in .

See / Use T168142 for discussing options. We tried less disruptive things (see e.g. T170200) but activity continued from Moroccan IPs.
I'm aware this is not a long-term solution but as I did not receive any 'convincing' ideas from folks responsible for Zero or other options, sadly this is where we are now.

But Zero is only for mobile isn't it? This is not a mobile range, this is an IP range not used on Zero.

368775 claims to block only mobile ranges, this is a landline range.

Indeed, Zero is for mobile. And after blocking Zero, massive uploading of copyrighted material continued for weeks via non-mobile Moroccan IP ranges, until got merged about two weeks ago.
So my commit message might have been misleading, indeed.