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Article reaches parser limit: Template argument size
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The article reaches a parser limit:
NewPP limit report
Parsed by mw1275
Cached time: 20170901144937
Cache expiry: 1900800
Dynamic content: false
CPU time usage: 1.300 seconds
Real time usage: 1.370 seconds
Preprocessor visited node count: 25451/1000000
Preprocessor generated node count: 0/1500000
Post‐expand include size: 1891584/2097152 bytes
Template argument size: 2097152/2097152 bytes <=== Limit reached!
Highest expansion depth: 37/40
Expensive parser function count: 0/500
Lua time usage: 0.435/10.000 seconds
Lua memory usage: 2.41 MB/50 MB

This is caused by nested calls to Template:Clade (

Is there a workaround for this or can the limit be raised?

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