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Expand Template include size to more than 2 MB
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As the template include size is limited to 2 MB it would be fine if this limit would expanded. Some projects / sites crack this limit.

See also T15260

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For better explanation see the new added text in german wikisource:

A lot of single pages are not included correctly, due to reaching the template size,

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I'm going to be bold and close this ticket after a few years of inactivity. I feel there is not enough information given, esp. why there is no other solution that raising a well established parser limit. From experience I know there will always be an article hitting a limit. That's why we have these limits, don't we? The solution is almost always to split the page. Another way is to rewrite heavily used templates in Lua. It appears like something like this was done with the given example article It's "Post‐expand include size" is currently 1.6 MB.