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Research Showcase September 2017
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  • @Lucie
  • Neil C. Thompson and Douglas Hanley

When: Weds, September 20, 2017

Host: @DarTar
IRC host: @Capt_Swing

Confirm with speakersY
Request the event to be created in the staff calendarY
Upload abstractsY
Email to the listsY
Let office@ know about the guestsn/a
Create Hangout Air event in advanceY
Reminder to lists on Wednesday
Announce via social media
Upload presenter slides to Figshare
Add slides and video link

Event Timeline

DarTar moved this task from Backlog to Time Sensitive on the Research board.

Hi @DarTar and @Halfak as you mentioned me in the previous task, I'm here to have all the conversations :)
The work Aaron mentioned, that I presented at OpenSym is this one:
I'm generally working on under-served languages, Wikidata, and all the fun things around that (and especially the overlap of the two topics).

@Lucie I sent you an email at your address on Monday, requesting the title and abstract for your talk. If you just plan on talking about your recent OpenSym paper, we can mine that for the title and abstract. Just let me and @DarTar know (by tomorrow, if possible).

DarTar edited projects, added Research-Archive; removed Research.