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Add a "watchlist" icon next to the Echo ones
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Reported by a French user

A suggestion : In addition to the "your alerts" and "your notifications"icons (Echo), add a "watchlist" icon that changes color if items are not read.

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I support this suggestion, In fact, I came here to report it and then I found this task.

I like having all "my options" hidden in a drop-down menu, but the extra clicks for Wachlist are annoying. While I don't click on my own profile etc so often, clicking Watchlist is a regular routine. Conceptually, you can expect "new stuff" under Watchlist, which is exactly what you find with alerts/notifications.

Josve05a renamed this task from Add a "watchlist" incon next to the Echo ones to Add a "watchlist" icon next to the Echo ones.Oct 1 2017, 8:08 PM