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#ifexist (and Lua equivalents) should not cause the page to appear in WhatLinksHere for the article being checked
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#ifexist (and Lua equivalents) are very useful tools, particularly for automatically-created infoboxes from Wikidata when checking to see if useful redirects to articles exist (e.g. to improve how location links are displayed).

However, it has an unexpected side-effect: if you check a page exists, it also gets included in the 'WhatLinksHere' special page for that page. This seems to be deliberate, as it's documented at - however there is no explanation there of why this is.

It is a problem as there are people on enwp that are looking for links to disambig pages to fix them - and they use WhatLinksHere to do so. Automated checking of the existence of pages (even using Lua to look for redirects only, e.g. see ) can easily cause thousands of such links to appear, which seriously disrupts the dab fixers' workflow.

A solution here would to be to only include the page in WhatLinksHere if a link is actually made to that page as a result of the #ifexist (and Lua equivalent) check actually results in a link being made to a dab page. Is that an easy change to make, or are there reasons for not making it?