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Upload Wizard Describe step: Let me check in a popup the picture that I need to describe
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When uploading a series of picture, at the "Describe" step I am asked to enter description and categories for each picture.

It is very inconvenient that I can not zoom into each picture to see the details.
With only a tiny thumbnail and a filename like DSCF1234, I can't remember exactly what that picture was about.
Having to go back to the filesystem and find the exact picture that I had selected in very time-wasting and inconvenient.

I should be able to click on the thumbnail to get a large preview popup, ideally with zoom ability.

You could argue that I should remember what I selected for upload, but when uploading 50 post stamps it is impossible to remember each one's details just by their thumbnail.

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@PDrouin-WMF maybe something to consider in your UW evaluation.

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Considering this as part of updates for batch upload (future work).