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Tool to find first instance of an acronym on a page
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The MoS suggests that the first instance of any given acronym in the body of an article should be expanded, and optionally repeated in the lede. Other instances of that term should use the acronym.

In large articles, finding and editing such terms is a serious problem. A JS tool, like the duplicate links checker, would make this task much easier. Orders of magnitude easier!

Example: in a recent article I used the term "printed circuit board (PCB)" and then had many instances of "PCB" after that. However, after moving some content around, the definition ended up below the first instance of "PCB". This tool would help avoid (and fix?) these sorts of problems.

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Hi @MauryMarkowitz, thanks for taking the time to report this!
What does "MoS" stand for? To which specific WikiProject is this related (link welcome)?

Manual of style, English Wikipedia.

Which WikiProject on English Wikipedia does this refer to?

The Manual of Style is universal. Am I misunderstanding the question?

Ah, in that case this might not be WikiProject-tools per definition of that project. This might be a request for a bot to point out (and maybe fix?) such occurrences? See where this would need to get reported, instead of Phabricator. Sorry for the confusion. :-/

It would not be a bot, as this would be realtime. Ideally it would be part of the editor.

Bluntly speaking, I don't think that (add code and maintain such code for years in the editor itself) is realistic to happen as it's a very specific problem and might only be a common use case on Wikipedia pages, less on other Wikimedia wikis and even less for anyone else using the MediaWiki software for their own wikis). :-/

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Not going to happen. target audience too small, and we can't even get the bugs fixed in what we have now. Tools and gadgets seems more suited for this purpose.